10 Steps to a Successful Digital Strategy

Updated: Jul 12

I want to share with you the 10 Steps of Andres SEO Expert's Digital Strategy.

Blog | Andres SEO Expert | 10 Steps to a Successful Digital Strategy

Your digital marketing plan has to consider SEO, analytics, web positioning, strategies, social media, goals, email marketing, eCommerce and a lot of metrics. Here we summarize 10 steps to building an effective digital strategy.

  1. Branding. Define identity and image of your brand: logo, colors, font types, etc.

  2. Website. The core of content of your business and the starter point for SEO optimization.

  3. Online Store. Increase your sales and profits with powerful eCommerce tools.

  4. Web Analytics. Traffic measurement: clicks, visits, sessions, return of investmen (ROI) and convertions.

  5. Search Engine Optimization. Website optimization to rise the ranks to the top of search-engine Results.

  6. Social Media. Generate leads and raise sales with social advertising and organic posts.

  7. SEM (PPC). Increase your billing with successful Pay Per Click campaings.

  8. Email Marketing. Automation of your email to design eye-catching marketing campaigns.

  9. Analytics. Market measurement, trends, commercial activities, keywords and competition.

  10. Tracking. Track to log and analyze the impact of your digital marketing strategy.

Blog | Andres SEO Expert | Digital Marketing Strategy

At Andres SEO Expert we know that originality has always made a brand stand out from its competitors and, if done well, builds trust and makes it memorable. And yet all too often brands don't know how to be authentic or follow traditional sales strategies that in today's world are driving buyers away. We strongly believe that the success of digital marketing strategies is based on the design of an authentic SEO plan, which can always be enhanced with PPC campaigns. We will always recommend a digital marketing strategy focused on rich content.

Here at Andres SEO Expert, we make it possible to boost your business. Contact Us!
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